What People are Saying About Sarah Cordova, National Literacy Consultant

Teachers, Coaches and Administrators at IRA Conference-Orlando, Florida


Sarah is an enthusiastic presenter with real classroom experience and proven ideas for teaching writing. I plan on implementing her ideas for teaching with the use of mentor texts and am excited to begin collecting writing examples for my classroom.”

“I thought Sarah was fantastic. I have been doing Writers' Workshop for years, but she really added a structure that made so much sense to me. I will definitely use her ideas in my work!

“Sarah Cordova's professional yet relaxed presentation style made her audience feel at ease. She is obviously an experienced teacher and had many practical tips that are easy to apply in your own classroom. I decided last minute to attend this workshop, and I am so glad that I did. It turned out to be one of my favorites!”

“Sarah is a dynamic presenter who engages her audience throughout her presentation. She gave practical advice, suggestions, and clear expectations of what she wouldn't do. This I found extremely thoughtful and thought provoking. I left the presentation engaged in a lot of self-reflection of what I do and don't as a writing teacher.”

“Thanks for sharing at the IRA Convention in Orlando. Your presentation was totally engaging and the content was extremely helpful. I am charged with doing a presentation to my staff and, after attending 7 sessions, yours inspired me the most and mentor texts is what I will be sharing about.”


Teachers, Coaches and Administrators at Massachusetts Reading Association  Conference- Sturbridge, Massachusetts


It was the end of a long day and I wasn't sure I was up for a two hour session versus the one hour sessions being offered. What a good decision to go to Sarah's workshop. I loved the workshop. Sarah was so excited and energetic and the information was so accessible. I've been looking for something to improve and energize my writing instruction and this workshop was the perfect fit. Thank you.”

“You got the feeling that she's been there, in our shoes, in the trenches, and really knows what she's talking about! Sarah is a dynamic presenter and provides lots of useful information that can be easily applied to any elementary classroom.”

“This was THE best workshop I attended at the conference. I loved Sarah's enthusiasm, wealth of knowledge in the subject area and presentation style.  I am a writing resource teacher and I found her handouts and book recommendations to be extremely helpful!”

Teachers, Coaches and Administrators at New York State Reading Association Conference- Saratoga, New York


To begin with, Sarah was extremely engaging. She offered many practical suggestions that teachers can get started with right away. Sarah is clearly an expert in her field, and she is extremely approachable.”

Sarah Cordova is an excellent presenter. She is extremely knowledgeable and provided helpful tips and information to use in the classroom.  Sarah is a very engaging speaker who exudes passion and confidence in her subject.  I have already shared all the materials with other educators and always speak highly of Sarah Cordova!”

Kate Davern, Administrative Coordinator, Professional Developmentat Eastern Suffolk BOCES

" On behalf of Eastern Suffolk BOCES, Professional Development Program, thank you for providing an interactive and engaging workshop on “Say Goodbye to Coach Books: Test Prep That Makes Sense” on 3/16/11. The strategies, tools, expertise, and resources that you offered through your presentation will enrich the professional practices of our network of educators. In turn, their students will be able to attain the expected high standards of educational excellence that our Long Island Schools aspire to.  Your expertise is extremely valuable to the progressive work we want to provide to our schools. I look forward to our continued work together in refining our staff development offerings and in addressing 21st Century Skills.  Thank you for your dedication and your commitment to the professional development process."


Reading Specialists Council of Suffolk- Dix Hills, New York


“On behalf of the board and membership of the Reading Council, please accept our genuine appreciation for your stimulating presentation, "The Power of Poetry: Teaching Poetry in a Writer's Workshop" that was given on March 3, 2011. The program's content, designed by you reflected thoughtful and comprehensive planning and preparation. The workshop was informative and insightful. Sarah, your spirited delivery truly motivated and inspired our membership. You possess a sincere passion for poetry and teaching. We were fortunate to be the recipients of your enthusiasm and expertise. Please take pride in the knowledge that your audience of educators will continue to explore and share the ideas and strategies of your beneficial program with their students.

It is the hope of the Council that you will consider a future workshop with us.

Again, thank you so much.”

“Extremely Enlightening and Engaging! From start to finish, Sarah offers tools, tips, ideas and resources to bring into the classroom. Above all, she inspires a new-found love and curiosity for poetry and words.”


Teachers, Coaches and Administrators at Eastern Suffolk BOCES- Holbrook, New York


Sarah was very organized and had great knowledge of the subject matter.  She gave wonderful examples and solutions to possible problems.  I thought the workshop was very informative and she really focused in on the difficulties we are having as teachers.”

“Sarah was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic.  I got some great ideas that I will most definitely use in my classroom.  Her presentation was quite engaging and extremely informative.  Sarah is energetic, knowledgeable and a wonderful presenter.  My school district should invite Sarah to do mandatory staff development!” 

“Sarah was inspirational and motivating! I plan on taking more workshops with Sarah.  She was practical and pointed in her suggestions and left me motivated to try new strategies in my writing workshop.  She is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic.  She inspires better teaching in writing.”


Here’s What Our Participants are Saying about Online Courses at D.E.I.


Course Title:  Poetry that Engages and Enlightens, 5th  Grade Teacher

 “Before taking this course, I did not know where to begin with teaching poetry.  It was one of those areas that I most dreaded in teaching.  I could feel myself not making sense to the students as I myself did not understand what I was asking of them.  Now that I have completed a teaching template, I feel like I can go into the classroom and simply follow the steps I already created.  Overall, I am very impressed with this course.  I am walking away with a much better understanding about poetry, poetry writing, and teaching poetry.  I am excited about starting the new ideas and teaching strategies in my classroom this September.”

Course Title:  Using Picture Books to teach Writer’s Craft, 1st Grade Reading Teacher

 “My ideas about teaching literary devices have changed drastically from this course. Thanks to Susan Hall, she has selected a terrific selection of books while laying out a very clear and concise outline of what literary devices these books include. What makes it exciting to me is that I know the students will enjoy this process based on the great literature provided.  I think this course probably passed my expectations. Now that I have put the work in, and have made it personal, I really have something I can work with here and hopefully my students writing will take off more than in past years.  It was different than I expected because I didn’t know I would walk away with my own unit!”

Course Title:  Writing Extraordinary Fiction, 4th Grade Teacher


 “This course helped me during the past few months by refreshing my skills, boosting my confidence, and reaffirming my philosophy that I can establish a writer's workshop environment and students can succeed at writing in that environment.  This course did not only help me feel comfortable about using writer's workshop again, it also helped me firm up my philosophy about teaching fifth graders about writing fiction.

Your feedback was helpful with my questions about management issues.  Thank you for a positive learning experience.”

 Course Title:  Writing Extraordinary Fiction, 3rd Grade Teacher

“I truly enjoyed taking this course.  I used all of the techniques in my writer’s workshop class.  I have never taught writer’s workshop before this year and my school wants us to.  However, we have not received any training.  So I have been using this course to guide me along and my students.  The textbooks were helpful as they broke everything down into sections which I found easy to follow.”